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© Photo - Eva Kapanadze

Jeremy Pelt - The Art Of Intimacy. Vol.2 - His Muse 

Jeremy Pelt - instrument & Vocal, Victor Gould - Piano, Buster Williams - Bass, Billy Hart - Drums, Chico Pinheiro - Guitar, Strings arranged & conducted by Dave O' Rourke, Andrew Griffin - Violin, Josh Henderson - Violin, Susan Mandel - Cello, Photography  - Eva Kapanadze, Graphic Design by Irem Ela Yildizel.

Jeremy Pelt - Soundtrack

HighNote Records March 2022 New Release Jeremy Pelt - Soundtrack, Jeremy Pelt- trumpet Chien Chien Lu – vibraphone Victor Gould – piano & Fender Rhodes Vicente Archer – acoustic & electric bass Allan Mednard – drums Anne Drummond – flute Brittany Anjou – Mellotron, Graphic Design By designedbyiremela, Photography By Eva Kapanadze

Matthew Shipp at Pioneer Works
Jeremy Pelt
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